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Cara Menghindari ClickJacking

Some publishers try to cheat by hiding an ad unit behind a video play button or menu item – when someone clicks the button, they unknowingly click the ad.

When AdSense discovered this activity earlier this year, the operations team terminated those Publishers’ accounts, while the AdSense engineering team built a filter to exclude this invalid traffic.

Our Clickjacking defenses operate at considerable scale, analyzing display ad placements across mobile and desktop platforms, evaluating a variety of characteristics. When our system detects a Clickjacking attempt, we zero-in on the traffic attributed to that placement, and remove it from upcoming payment reports to ensure that advertisers are not charged for those clicks.

As Publisher, there are steps you can take to prevent such invalid activity:

• “Double and triple-check implementations to verify that your sites contain no programming errors, conform to AdSense policies, and display correctly across different browsers and platforms.”

For example, if your site uses drop down menus, make sure the menus don’t open on top of an ad, even when your site is viewed with a small browser, or on mobile devices..

AdSense ad placement policy:

• “Avoid placing ads close to other clickable content to prevent accidental clicks.”

AdSense Ad placement best practices:

• “Monitor analytics often to spot traffic anomalies. For example, setting up Analytics alerts can show if an unusual amount of traffic comes from a particular ad placement or site.”

How to set up Google Analytics alerts

• “If you find suspicious activity, please report it via the Invalid Clicks Contact Form.”

Invalid clicks contact form


If you have a Blogger blog, the standard templates with AdSense gadgets are usually fine. But if you are using a custom template, or have modified the template yourself, make sure your ad placement complies with AdSense policy. Take a few minutes to double check!

YouTubers don’t have to worry about this – YouTube places the ads on your videos.

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